Twitter Users Go Wild Over Thread On How To Erase ‘99.99%’ Of Yourself Online

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As the internet takes up core activities of people’s lives, there could be details of yourself that are made available to the masses. The worst part is you might not be aware of it.

Coupled with growing privacy and security concerns, many might wish they could just hit Alt+F4 on their digital footprints, but struggle to trace leftover information.

Luckily, Twitter user @somenerdliam has come up with a detailed solution via a chain of tweets, which covers things you might not even know about the web.

The comprehensive thread includes more than 27 tweets breaking down the cleanup process to remove yourself from “99.9 per cent” of the internet.

Though the whole removal process might be cumbersome, the user tried his best to use “layman terms” so that Twitter users can “gloss over it in 30-60 seconds of reading.” Well, thank you, sir.

The thread skyrocketed and became viral instantly. It has now amassed over 100,000 retweets and 400,000 likes.

Before you go merrily on your way to delete your internet presence, be aware that the removal is permanent.

Preview some tips below, and read the thread in full here to go ahead with the extraction process.

How to DELETE 99.9% of your digital footprint from the internet [a thread]

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 15, 2019

Step 1: Preliminary Requirements

Go through each email you can think of that you've used in the past 10 years.

You'll want to recover them if you've lost access, so that you can access other websites you may have signed up to using them.

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 15, 2019

Step 2: Deleting old accounts from forgotten services

Use the search function on your e-mail and look for phrases such as "Sign up" or "Welcome"

Recover account and login into each service that pops up (that you received a sign-up email) from

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 15, 2019

Step 2b:

Now look around the service for a delete account function, google around by searching ``"delete account" + "<service>"

If there isn't one, google or look around for a support e-mail to request for them to delete your account.

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 15, 2019

Step 2c:

For some services, you may want to purge all content and messages before you delete the account, as the account may be archived and a hacker or external entity may access this information at a later date.

That's something to bare in mind.

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 15, 2019

It took me probably 10 - 15 mins to write the initial tweet-storm off my the top of my head.

It went viral because the information is unmatched, accessible and I broke it down in layman terms so you could gloss over it in 30 - 60s of reading.

— Liam 💻 (@somenerdliam) October 16, 2019

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